200cc ATV 4-Wheelers Utility

$1349 Unassembled/$1449 Assembled/Dealer prepped +tax and registration.
Financing as low as $38/month-no down payment required! (with approved credit) 
Colors available: Red, Blue, Black and Green. Forward and Reverse.

Special orders available up to 700cc with Big Horn/Linhai ATVs!!

Ask us about pricing!

Coming soon….

I know this site hasn’t been updated for a while.  We have been very busy for the past year +. New shop, new products, new opportunities, and new help.  Not to mention the acquisition of Corey’s family business; this is where Corey built his first race engine when he was 12.  We are keeping it a family business with the addition of Corey’s mom, Kathie who will run the daily operations in the office.  She has worked for years at the VA providing care to our nation’s Veterans.  She thought she would have easy days once she retired, but Corey had other ideas.   We are proud to have her!   It is important to us that the family legacy lives on.  This business has been in the family since 1955 and has offered performance, repairs and as always, great customer service.  You should stop by the new shop and take a look at the changes.   You can read our family racing history by the pictures on the walls.  We are very proud of our history…from Stock Cars, to Sprint Cars, Figure 8s, Demo Derbys, Enduros, Drag Racing, Outlaw Karts, etc.  We have truly had our hand in and love all forms of racing.   

With the love of racing, comes the love of cars. As many of you know, Corey has been involved with classic cars for years.  As Corey’s Grandpa Herman used to say, “Never forget where you come from.”   We have partnered with 2 financers that are exclusive with classic cars offering great rates and unbelievable payment options.  We have the ability with this partnership to make your dreams come true!   Getting back to working with classic cars is fun and reinvigorating; In addition to reconnecting with the people who have molded who we are.

We have an updated inventory, that is less engine based and more chassis based.  We are in the process of talking to engine builders and chassis dealers who used to be our competition.   We want to be able to provide everything, to everybody, along with financing on all products.   We will be offering ATV/UTVs, dirt bikes, go karts, Enduros-as well as a full line of parts.     A semi-truck load of new stock is set to arrive tomorrow, as well as adding new products daily.  We have hooked up with the same lenders that you would find at any dealership nationwide, plus some exclusive to what JF2 is doing.   Great rates and low monthly payments are available.  

And bonus!!  To our racing family…  We have also become a manufacturer of UTVs in the state of Iowa.  Our UTVs are based on racing chassis that our lenders are also able to provide financing for…                          

At JF2, you will still find the great service where the customer comes first.   We just have more to offer you now. 

There are still some wrinkles to iron out, but things are coming together fast and fun things are on the horizon!  We can’t wait to update you as more information becomes available.

For now…Have a Happy New Year and God Bless!

We are located at 701 NE B St in Melcher-Dallas. Our hours of operation are Mondays-Thursdays 5pm-8pm, Saturdays 10am-5pm, and Sundays 12pm-5pm. Give us a call at 641-891-7534.   Don't see a color or size you like?  Just let us know!  We will get it ordered for you. Available Assembled, Unassembled, Drop-Shipped-just about any way you want it.  



125cc ATV 4-Wheelers Utility

$749 Unassembled/$849 Assembled/Dealer prepped +tax and registration. Shipping included in price. 
Financing as low as $24/month-no down payment required! (with approved credit)
Wireless remote shut-down safety switch included. Forward and Reverse.  

110cc ATV 4-Wheelers

$600 Unassembled/$700 Assembled +tax and registration. Shipping included in price!
Financing as low as $20/month-no down payment required! (with approved credit).
Wireless remote shut-down safety switch included. Many colors available-solids and spider styles. Automatic. 

125cc ATV 4-Wheelers Sport 

$779 Unassembled/$879 Assembled/Dealer prepped +tax, title, and registration. Shipping included in price. 
Financing as low as $24/month-no down payment required! (with approved credit)
Wireless remote shut-down safety switch included. Forward and Reverse.